Satguru Maharaj Ji backs President Buhari’s second term bid

The founder of ‘One Love Family’ and Perfect Living Master, Satguru Maharaj Ji, has called on Nigerians to support President Muhammadu Buhari to win the forthcoming 2019 elections to enable him conclude the job of repositioning the country and the fight against corruption.

Maharaj Ji, who said he is fully behind the President’s bid for a second term in office, said he is the first black president in history of Africa, that has taken the bull by the horn to tackle many challenges facing the country and the continent as a whole.

He said this at a press conference organised to celebrate 38th years anniversary, of One Love Family in Lagos over the weekend.

Maharaj Ji also stated that Buhari can be supported by pointing out the areas where he has done badly to him so that he can make corrections in those areas.

He added that he is no longer the president of only the Hausa or the Yoruba or the Igbo people but the president of Nigeria.

Maharaj ji said, “All you need to do is to support him, we are to assist him, Buhari needs our support and love, yes we should support him, point out any inadequacies to him, but if he doesn’t change, I will come out and say to him ah Buhari no no.

“Buhari needs divine knowledge to be able to see what is going on so that he doesn’t surround himself with people who are only there to enrich themselves.

“We need a leader we can trust, a leader who acts, a leader who is not a tribalist, a leader we can believe in, the world is changing and we have to change along with it.

“In the face of all the things happening, the leaders must come out they must see the need to realise that governance is about improving the standard and quality of lives of the citizen,” he said.

Maharaj ji, who started his “life saving mission” at the age of 33, said he has been revealing Divine Knowledge to all who came to him since 1984, and has helped in reshaping the political, economic and social fortunes of Nigeria, Africa and the world.

The One Love Family leader, also urged Nigerians to love, accept and tolorate each other, as the world is changing and man must change along with time, adding that it is time for the young ones to come out and take the mantle of leadership, as we cannot afford to allow Nigeria to disappear.

He said “ We need fresh hands, let the old ones stay aside.”

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