The Herculean Task of Unseating President Muhammadu Buhari – Omueyaki

Omueyaki Great is a political analyst, and a member of national youth assembly of Nigeria (NYAN), speaking on political philosophy, as we are gearing towards 2019, the intrigues that comes with electioneering periods are becoming more interesting to all the political observers in Nigeria. Treaties are been made and some are broken. Loyalties are mended while some are broken. New friends are been made just in like manners, new foes are made.

Omueyaki Great is a political analyst, and a member of national youth assembly of Nigeria (NYAN), speaking on political philosophy, as we are gearing towards 2019, the intrigues that comes with electioneering periods are becoming more interesting to all the political observers in Nigeria. Treaties are been made and some are broken. Loyalties are mended while some are broken. New friends are been made just in like manners, new foes are made.

Arguably, the most intriguing of these happenings is the current battle of the Generals. President Muhammadu Buhari has found himself on the receiving end of same Generals who watered all grounds for him to clinch the seat with the highest authority in the land. No fewer than 5 of the Generals that supported the candidacy of president Buhari in 2014/15 have vowed to do all it takes to see him booted out of Aso Rock come 2019, sighting his failures to meet the economic and security demands of the Nation. Some have even argued that he has been biased in handling some very critical issues such as the Fulani herdsmen rampage currently going on in the country. Some have bluntly come out to say that president Buhari does not have the required skills to handle a complex, multi ethnic and multi-religious nation like Nigeria. The utterances and vote of no confidence being passed on Buhari by these generals and other prominent “allies turned foes” has not gone without reprisals from the presidency, with the presidency coming up with a slogan that “Corruption is fighting back”.

Amidst all the intrigues currently going on with regards to 2019, I took my time to reminisce on the circumstances that brought Buhari to power in 2015 and why he seems almost unstoppable in 2019. I was able to outline a few circumstances as the key factors that brought him into power in 2015 and that might still work for him in 2019. First of them all is unchecked propaganda. The Buhari campaign team was blessed with men who are passionate liars and propagandist. Propaganda came naturally for the likes of Lai Mohammed, Rotimi Amechi and Adams oshiomhole. The level of propaganda that was seen in the 2015 elections was one that had never been seen before in the history of elections in Nigeria, and the fascinating thing about this was that Nigerian, including yours truly where so desperate to see the back of the previous administration out of Aso Rock that we never deemed it fit to actually check out for the authenticity of such propaganda. In real sense,the actual target for 2015 was not to have a competent  government in power,rather it was to bring an era of impunity to an abrupt end without thinking about the consequences of our decisions.Secondly,the propaganda was taken a step to far and somehow it became hatred for the now opposition party. People had access to all sort of unverifiable information and this information was fed and nurtured into the mindset of the people at the grass root level. Subsequently, Buhari was presented to masses as a god in human form. They made him seem like a man without blemish. They decorated him almost to the extent where people started praying in his name. For short, Buhari was idolised especially to the northerners at the grass root level who have no access to proper information but rather rely on grapevine, propaganda and gossips to keep themselves abreast with the dealings of the Nation.To further cement his status as a god in human form, the generals and other  well placed and respectable Nigerians like prof wole Soyinka, Dele Momodu,Tunde Bakare,Rev Ejike Mbaka and a whole lot of others where corroborating all the propagandas coming out from the Buhari campaign team, making it almost impossible to doubt the mans antecedents.

At some point in 2015,anybody not in support of GMB was instantly seen as being corrupt and an enemy of the state. There was no justification as to why anyone in his or her right senses wouldn’t pray we have this god in human form as our president. GMB was instantly labelled the messiah to lead Nigerians out of the hands of our oppressor and into our Canaan land,

Finally,the popularity and followership  of GMB became somewhat occultic. His supporters could go to any length to defend his actions and inactions, to the extent that they came up with the then  anthem that”we don’t mind if all GMB has is a NEPA bill certificate in place of any degree”. That was the level of goodwill and power GMB gathered before the elections. President Muhammadu Buhari got endorsements from virtually all the religious and traditional rulers in Nigeria and eventually, it paid off. In an historical event, Buhari was announced the winner of the march 28 2015 general elections, defeating for the first time in history a seating president. Soon after Buhari became president, the repercussions for our carelessness in sentimentally and emotionally electing a new leader started to surface. The flaws of this messiah gradually began to crop up. It started with what a lot of persons called Nepotism in his appointments,then came the infamous 97% and 5% saga. As if that was not enough, the country slide into an avoidable recession because of the abysmal economic policies of the government in power. The cream of the crop was to come in the form of Fulani herdsmen, killing and destroying properties with reckless abandon, and the government handling them with kids gloves. Same kind of gloves the IPOB youths were never treated with. At this juncture, Buhari had started losing a lot of goodwill from prominent and educated allies who could actually read the handwriting on the wall and instead of amending his ways, he decided to rather exploit the grass root foundations that were laid for him in 2015. He quickly retreated to the grass roots to tell them that the reason for the level of hardship and impoverishment they face was because corruption (the allies turn foes) was fighting back. Now, the herculean task before the Generals and the prominent allies that helped him into power in 2015 is convincing the same people they convinced into voting for a god in human form to vote against him in 2019.

How are they to start explaining to the same masses that they were wrong after all?

How are they to put an end to the occultic follower-ship they created and nurtured into maturity in 2015?

How are they to convince the people at the grass root that their supposed messiah was actually their oppressor?

And above all,how are they to convince the grass root that this is not corruption fighting back?The current dilemma of the generals and the other intellects that brought PMB to power brings to mind the old saying that “giving a monkey a glass of water to drink is not the problem,the problem comes up when you want to retrieve your glass back”. PMB has been exposed to so much power in a Democratic setting,and he was smart enough to recognize that he’s been idolized to the ignorant masses and he has therefore chosen to utilize that to the fullest. In the eyes of his followers, PMB is beyond sin. All his actions and inaction are attributed to the woes of the previous administration or the  ” corruption fighting back mantra”. Haven said all these, the antics being used thus by the generals and other intellects that leveled grounds for him to cover isn’t just good enough as it’ll amount to nothing in 2019. I can categorically state that over 89% of the educated folks that voted for PMB in 2015 would not repeat that mistake in 2019. The other 11% who would vote for him in 2019 again would do so sentimentally, or in order to preserve their daily breads as they are the beneficiaries of this government. Therefore, I’ll encourage them to change their antics, and focus more on the grass roots level. They have a task of convincing the same people they convinced in 2015 into voting for him, to vote against him come 2019. This task wouldn’t be an easy one as the kind of followership is occultic.

Although PMB’s actions, inactions and utterances in States like Benue,Taraba,Kogi and parts of Kaduna and plateau would make the job a lot more easier for the generals to do as these states can easily be pinpointed as the states that have suffered most under this administration in terms of security. Also, having people like Saraki,Dogara,Dino melaye,Shehu sani and a host of other aggrieved APC members campaign against him(PMB) in 2019 would come at a great cost for his reelection bid.

The cream of the crop may be unveiled come June 23 when they’ll be holding their national convention, and power will be expected to change hands. The generals, intellects and all the serious minded opposition parties have to be ready to utilize every bit of lacuna that will result from that convention. Its a convention that would make or break the party. Also, the opposition parties who really wants to cling power come 2019 must be ready to make juicy and mouth watering proposals to the aggrieved members from the APC.

Finally, the generals must realise that the weakness of the  APC, lies in their perceived strength. Its no news that Adams oshiomhole is gradually emerging as the sole candidate aspiring for the national chairmanship the party, rather than being afraid of this news, the opposition should be jubilating about it. A careful study of the life of Adams oshiomhole would show one that he always wants to be in charge, as he’s a man who never sees anyone’s opinion as being superior to his. Simply put, Adams oshiomhole is blatantly Undemocratic. This lifestyle is also peculiar to Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu who somehow happens to be the man at the forefront in the campaigns for oshiomhole. Tinubu desperately wanted Oyegun out of power because he suddenly stopped being a loyal boy and he wanted to show to him that he was still the “Jagaban”. One look at the politicking would tell you that the endorsement of oshiomhole is not a well thought one. He’s been supported for two very obvious reasons.

One, is to put Odigie  Oyegun back in his place, and two is to help the party to victory in 2019, considering the fact that oshiomhole is a serial propagandist and a passionate liar. Lies and deceit comes naturally to him, and he also enjoys a similar grass root goodwill like PMB. The question Tinubu failed to ask himself before endorsing oshiomhole is “Can two captains successfully sail the same ship”? Does Tinubu really think oshiomhole would cede the party structure to him after winning? Does he really see oshiomhole as a push and start kind of person?

I’ll rest my case here as the nearest future will answer all these questions for all to see and testify.